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For fiction writers and memoirists, I offer process-focused, personalised support based on shared inquiry into your motivations for writing, the choices you make as a writer, and how your work informs and is informed by your lived experience. This can involve ongoing feedback and editing and practical tips and exercises to help you to structure your plot, develop your characters, and set—and meet—writing goals. However, what interests me most is why you write, why you have chosen your subject and form, and why you are making the technical and stylistic choices you are making. Getting curious about these questions can help you to deepen your understanding of how you work on your writing and how your writing works on you.


I also offer proofreading and copy-editing services for fiction and non-fiction, including academic, technical and science writing. 

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Throughout the writing process Katie was my rock. She provided a road map for tackling the story, challenged me to dig deep and bring my authentic voice onto every page and delivered insightful, practical feedback with empathy and enthusiasm. Katie encouraged me whenever I lost my confidence and my way, and I’m convinced I wouldn't have completed my book without her wisdom and experience. I’m so grateful for her help and incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved together.


"I highly recommend Katie as a writing coach for anyone writing or editing a book. I had written my book, but it wasn't ready yet to be published. I started looking for a writing coach. When I read Katie's writing, I knew immediately she was the writer I wanted to coach me, and I have been so impressed with her guidance. Using her skill, creativity and her intuition, she knew just what I needed to develop my writing, and my writing skills have developed ten-fold in the process, which is so inspiring."



"I recently [hired] Catherine [as] a proofreader for my (soon to be submitted) PhD. What a great decision! From the start, Catherine was very professional, [copy-editing] some pages of my PhD as an example of her work before beginning. Not only was she prompt, she was just brilliant, and she had done her research and had knowledge of the specific academic writing for my university...I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough and hope to continue to work with her, maybe writing my own best seller!"


"I’d just completed the third draft of a novel and felt like I had lost the plot! ‘I don’t need nice,’ I said, and Katie was honest but kind. She challenged me to go back to the emotional drivers, the why behind what I was trying to achieve, encouraging me that anything I laid to rest was fertiliser for the story to grow from. Together we drilled down to what was and wasn’t working, and Katie suggested practical ways forward. Her clarity about how to mine for theme and conflict, and her patience while I processed this, was so appreciated. Whether you need an injection of encouragement or a slow release dose of writer’s craft, I highly recommend Katie’s expertise and process."